Hello world! Welcome to my blog :)

Welcome to my blog! Although I’ve never written a blog before, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to start  Where should we begin?  

For the past two years, I was attending Northern Michigan University.  Why in the world would I travel SO far to attend a university?  Well, I applied to college; got in and thought “hey, i’m going to venture out and try to achieve great new things.” 


Instead, I landed myself with so-called “friends,” and a so-called “boyfriend.”  

I changed my major twice, too. 

Alright, alright I guess I didn’t completely fail.  I earned grades I never knew exsisted in my brain and I learned a lot about myself.  (Why I’m writing this blog..)  Towards the end of my sophomore year in the U.P. I decided that NMU wasn’t the place for me.  To this day, I remember calling my mom and saying “Hey mom! I’m transferring!!”  Within that week, I applied to Columbia College in Chicago.  

I got in. 🙂

It wasn’t even a decision for me if I should stay in Michigan.  I do not hunt, camp, or fish.  I love love love the city. Chicago is my place.  I belong here.  NOW, the tough decisions need to be set in stone.

What should I do with my life?

…….before going anything further, I’d like everyone reading this to know that this blog will not be all about me.  This first post will simply be about where I am coming from with all my future blogging. 🙂


Dealing with life.  How can I decide? I am 20 years old and all I want to do is get married and have a family.  Is it that hard for a woman to dream!!?

I love photography.  Is it my passion? Probably not. I want my children to have photo albums and their kids to have photo albums, but do I need to be an expert and know who invented the camera? I don’t think so.  

I love writing!  Am I the best at it? Probably not.  Can I get better as the years go by and right for Cosmo and Elle magazine? I want my voice to be heard! My friends always remind my of that constant hamster wheel I have running on high in my head.  I am filled with thoughts.  Not to mention, they are about the most random things, too.  I could have articles in magazines specifically for redheads.  I love being a redhead.  They’re so many different aspects of a redhead that people never know about.  I, Kristen Franzen could fill them in.  What do you think?

Back to my original point.  Where am I going to be in five years? I hope not still in college!

Tonight is my first class at Columbia College.  I’m not nervous, I’m just nervous to succeed. When I get home tonight, I will update my blog and within my future posts see where my life is headed.  Deal?

yay for blogging! 

See ya 🙂

October 2020